Many diseases or conditions, such as cancer, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, autism, and infertility may be triggered or affected by exposure to electromagnetic radiation.  These effects are due to destructive processes, such as oxidation of cells, which result from exposure to the energy produced by electromagnetic waves emanating from a vast array of sources.   

Dr. John W. Gofman, M.D., Ph.D. (Physics), discoverer of both plutonium and high and low density lipids (cholesterol), documented significant evidence that medical radiation is an essential co-factor in 75% of all cases of heart disease and cancer in the USA.  Here are some more recent articles by Dr. Mercola and the New York Times that illustrate the concerns.  

Radioprotectants are substances determined to offset or negate such effects.  These substances could prevent or delay the onset of diseases influenced or caused by the destructive effects of electromagnetic radiation.  Some herbal, nutritional, and hormonal substances may counter the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and work to protect biological structures.  Ultrasound and Thermography help to minimize ionizing electromagnetic radiation exposure as is typical in conventional medical diagnostic procedures including x-ray, CT, DEXA, and mammography.

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