Most Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Does insurance cover this type of treatment?

For those individuals who wish to use insurance, coverage levels are based upon the specifics of each individual's insurance plan.  We ask that the patient covers the office visit fee, as well as any prescribed natural medicines.  By taking payment at the time of your visit, we ensure that you have covered our investment of time in helping you better your health.  We are happy to provide you with a Superbill listing diagnostic and procedure codes that your insurance company uses to file each claim.  Simply call member services on your plan and the information will be at your fingertips!

2.    What does Doctor Jackson treat?

Dr. Jackson treats a variety of disorders using Functional, Oriental, Orthomolecular, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and other forms of Natural Medicine.  We treat individuals who have hormonal imbalances, including issues with diabetes, thyroid, infertility, PMS, menopause, depression, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and uterine fibroids.  We also treat individuals with painful conditions such as: menstrual cramping, headaches, migraines, lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder/back pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.  Other conditions we can help you with include skin conditions such as: acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives, and shingles. We can also help you with issues such as reflux, nausea, urinary tract infections, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction, high blood pressure, and weight loss.

3.    How much are the visits?

The office visits are as follows:  $79 for Laser/E-stim/Acupuncture visits; $95 for mini consultations to review or modify treatment protocols or address individual health concerns; $139 for in-depth maintenance follow up visits;  and $185 for diagnostic visits consisting of thorough analysis and evaluation of lab results. The full initial intake visit is $235 for up to 90 minutes thoroughly evaluating health history, delineating areas of concern and their possible root causes, and creating lab requisitions for bloodwork, ultrasounds, MRIs, or any other imaging or biological testing needed.   

4.    Do you refer out?

Yes.  We refer out to a network of labs and health professionals when necessary for testing and procedures that we do not do in our office.  Such procedures include blood draws (phlebotomy) for lab work, MRI scans, Ultrasound scans, Thermographic scans (Thermograms), and advanced neurological assessments.

5.    What kinds of tests does Dr. Jackson do?

Dr. Jackson orders a variety of tests depending on the treatment required for each patient.  The most common tests are blood work, hair analysis, saliva testing, thermograms, and ultrasounds.

6.    I have symptoms indicating I may have a heavy metal problem.  What does Dr. Jackson do for this?

Dr. Jackson may start off by doing a hair analysis to see where your levels are.  He will then treat according to the test results.

7.  How much is the hair Analysis and do you do it there in the office?

The hair analysis is comprised of two portions.  First we order a complete mineral and heavy metal profile then Dr. Jackson reviews the results and completes an analysis to understand physiological and psychological ramifications of the hair analysis.  The fee for the complete panel and analysis is $158 in addition to any office visit fee according to visit time length. [The overview may be included in any visit depending on any other issues that may need to be discussed.]

8.    Do you do IV chelation?

We prefer solutions other than IV chelation due to the side effects, possible imbalances, and harsh nature of such approaches.  However, we do nutritional and homeopathic injections as needed for treatment and we may use certain fast-acting, nutritional oral solutions, such as isotonics that rapidly enter the bloodstream through a more natural, less invasive route than injections.

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