Diabetes has been a strong interest of Dr. Jackson since his father died after going into diabetic coma the day before his 45th birthday.  A young man chronologically, his father's physical state was quite different, largely due to the negative effects of excessive insulin injections.  This was his father's attempt to compensate for a poorly controlled diet. 

Now practicing natural medicine, Dr. Jackson uses many other options for glucose management, helping many improve their conditions.

"If he only knew then what he knows now."

Type I or Juvenile Onset Diabetes is difficult to reverse due to dependence on insulin, and it is often associated with the breakdown of pancreatic function.  However, glucose metabolism can be improved even for Type I Diabetes, since the pancreas is not the only organ involved in this function and insulin is not the only hormone of importance for glucose metabolism, in fact there are several.  It is also important to realize that the effects of too much insulin, too often are quite destructive to the body, so frequent insulin injections can be quite harmful.

Type II or Adult Onset Diabetes can often be controlled or eliminated using natural medical approaches, including an individual look at the foods being chosen and support with nutrition and herbal medicine.  Many common misconceptions lead to food choices that can be detrimental or even harmful to a diabetic.

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