At A Path to Wellness we focus on the underlying root cause rather than treating the symptoms.

Internationally trained with a naturopathic clinical infertility background, Dr. Christopher Jackson, Ph.D., D.O.M., A.P. (FL), has worked with hundreds of couples having difficulty conceiving or carrying to term.  His holistic approach includes in-depth hormone balancing and takes full advantage of herbal medicines, nutritional counseling, and tracking of results with biomedical labs, saliva testing, basal temperatures, and other tools.  

Frequently, couples become new parents naturally at a fraction of the cost with no necessity for IVF or any other high-cost invasive procedure.  If procedures such as IVF are used, even after multiple high cost trials without the desired result, subsequent results may be improved using natural medicine.  

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Some women who desire children in their 40s or even their 50s are told that they are too old, have "old eggs" or that they are born with a certain amount of follicles and their stock is depleted.  The opposite may be true.  Many studies over the last decade have shown that follicles and their resultant ova actually continue to be regenerated.  Onset of menopause may also be delayed using natural medicine if a woman wishes to conceive at later stages in life.

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