Men's Health

Hey gentlemen. Here's the scoop: Things change as you age! For some more than others.


Testosterone will likely decline, and this hormone is important for more than just functionality, including heart and general muscle strength. Also important are Co-enzyme Q10 (best taken as Ubiquinol) and B12 (best taken as methylcobalamin). These both tend to be reduced by taking statin drugs for your cholesterol. Yep, taking a drug to reduce cholesterol to reduce potential for heart problems can damage your muscles including your heart! See anything wrong with this scenario? So, if you're taking a statin, you should look into taking these vitamins as supplements. Ask your doc about this!


In addition, estrogen, that's right - the “female hormone” estrogen, will likely increase. This is because of a little enzyme, known as the aromatase enzyme, that acts over time in the background quietly converting testosterone to estrogen. Can these changes have negative consequences? Absolutely!

Does this mean some things wont be working as well? Maybe. That's right, maybe!

It depends a lot on you. Are you taking prescription drugs that affect your ability to perform? Some may have negative effects. Some may improve things for a little while. Are they addressing the root cause? NOT.


Are there other ways of handling your health issues? Most likely! Do you take blood pressure meds? Antidepressants? Smoke a little something on the side? How about the standard cigarettes? Drinking much alcohol? These and many other drugs can affect your manhood, and possibly your drive (libido).

How can you improve your lot in life? Well, that increase in estrogen, along with the decrease in testosterone, are not at all inevitable if you address the issues soon enough.


First of all, you can drink green tea. I know, it's all the rage. Well, with good reason! Green tea is a natural aromatase enzyme inhibitor. Yep, it helps to keep that nasty enzyme at bay, allowing you to keep more of your testosterone and produce less estrogen. This is also helpful to prevent cancers including breast and prostate cancer, and yes, men get breast cancer too!


Try to use as much of the naturally decaffeinated version as feasible to avoid raising blood pressure – despite Dr. Oz saying caffeine is OK if you have hypertension - Duh! Also, watch it with natural enhancing substances that can raise blood pressure, like Yohimbe. Best to seek qualified help with expertise in the method you choose before embarking on any path.


Believe me, there are many other facets to approaching these issue, but let's not keep harping on the same core subject for the whole article, shall we? What about the prostate? Well, you may have heard of saw palmetto. That's right. It can help with a condition known as benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), which is enlargement of the prostate that can take place over time, just like the hormonal changes. And you thought only women had hormonal issues! Think again. BPH can cause urinary urgency and constriction of the parts in the groin area. Saw palmetto contains a substance known as pygeum africanum. Other food items contain this same substance. A couple of my favorites are pistachio nuts and pumpkin seeds. So remember your Ps for prostate – saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, and pistachios.


To wrap it up, there are many ways to change your lot in life. You can accept “the inevitable” - Crock of !#@$% or you can improve your health naturally, in all areas. Watch for more articles in the future and listen to A Path to Wellness radio on Thursdays at noon (or listen to podcasts).


(Note: this article is not intending to treat, cure, or prevent disease, and these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA).. yadah yadah. Dr. Chris Jackson. Join me on … A Path to Wellness!