Hot flashes or night sweats? 

Irregular cycles?  Irritability? 

Sex drive low or even non-existent?

History of ovarian cysts, fibroids or tumors? 

Clotting, heavy flow, no period or very long periods? 

Breast soreness, bloating, cramps, teariness, or low moods?


 All of these symptoms can be treated naturally!


For more insight into Dr. Jackson's approach you can view his introductory Video on Hormone Balancing for women. 


Low energy, anxiety, hair loss, weight gain or loss?  You may have a Thyroid Condition.   


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Listen to a podcast of Dr. Chris Jackson's weekly radio show A Path to Wellness as Dr. Jackson, hostess Patricia LeBlanc, and Ann Marie Cash Levasseur discuss natural hormone balancing. 


Would you like optimal reproductive health? 

Low sperm count? Morphology? Motility?

Problems with drive or endurance?  

Erectile Dysfunction? 

Prostate problems? 

Natural medicine can help without the side effects of hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills or drugs.  A gentler approach is available that is also naturally supportive to your overall health and well-being. 

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